Committee Detail

Name and Mission
Architectural S/M Contractors Council Steering Committee

This Committee provides a structured institution within SMACNA to develop and offer high-quality programs and services directly designed to enhance the businesses, markets and profitability of SMACNA members performing architectural sheet metal, custom fabrication and manufacturing work. The Committee identifies and responds to issues and trends in the architectural metals, custom fabrication and manufacturing sectors that impact member businesses, markets and profitability.

Committee LeadershipYear Term Expires
 ChairTom Zahner2021
 Committee MemberCarrie L. Barber2022
 Committee MemberLuke Bland2022
 Committee MemberKenny Branson2022
 Committee MemberDavid Lee2021
 Committee MemberRich Marker2021
 Committee MemberJames Olson2022
 Committee MemberGreg Seiss2022
 Committee MemberJordan Thomas2021
 Staff LiaisonMichael McCullion
 Staff LiaisonMark Terzigni
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