Committee Detail

Name and Mission
SMACNA College of Fellows - Members

Committee LeadershipYear Term Expires
 Chapter CouncilorMilt Goodman
 Committee MemberTony Adolfs
 Committee MemberPaul J. Alexander
 Committee MemberJames L. Asbury
 Committee MemberAnthony A. Asher
 Committee MemberFrank Babbitt
 Committee MemberSargent Dale Barnett
 Committee MemberWilliam D. Basore
 Committee MemberCraig Benson
 Committee MemberDennis N. Berger
 Committee MemberJames E. Bigham
 Committee MemberLorne L. Bockhold
 Committee MemberErnest P. Boniface
 Committee MemberJames M. Boone
 Committee MemberMark K. Bowers
 Committee MemberDennis M. Bradshaw
 Committee MemberEdmund J. Bransfield
 Committee MemberJames A. Cesak
 Committee MemberJames C. Champion
 Committee MemberJohn W. Comforte
 Committee MemberCharles D. Corbett
 Committee MemberMichael C. Corrigan, Sr.
 Committee MemberRichard J. Cramer, Sr.
 Committee MemberMatthew D. Cramer
 Committee MemberJohn F. Creegan
 Committee MemberVincent Del Vacchio
 Committee MemberThomas DeMusis
 Committee MemberBaron W. Derr
 Committee MemberJack Desmond
 Committee MemberWilliam M. Deyoung
 Committee MemberNathan Dills
 Committee MemberDaniel J. Driscoll
 Committee MemberCarol Duncan
 Committee MemberWilliam K. Ecklund
 Committee MemberGeorge R. Edinger, Sr.
 Committee MemberJordan Ehrenkranz
 Committee MemberKenneth W. Enscoe
 Committee MemberGerard Ezyske
 Committee MemberRobert H. Fella
 Committee MemberPeter N. Fluetsch
 Committee MemberKaren Fox
 Committee MemberLouis A. Franzen
 Committee MemberRichard B. Freeman
 Committee MemberGuy M. Gast
 Committee MemberRobert B. Gawne, Sr.
 Committee MemberKevin R. Gill, Sr.
 Committee MemberClinton O. Gowan, Jr.
 Committee MemberRobert R. Greenblatt
 Committee MemberThomas J. Gunning
 Committee MemberGary R. Halverson
 Committee MemberCharles S. Hardeman
 Committee MemberJohn P. Harmon
 Committee MemberKevin A. Harpring
 Committee MemberKeith Harris
 Committee MemberRichard L. Hermanson
 Committee MemberGerald D. Hermanson
 Committee MemberDennis D. Hogan
 Committee MemberRobert A. Holming
 Committee MemberMitchell Hoppe
 Committee MemberJohn Ilten
 Committee MemberJoe Isom
 Committee MemberJohn C. Jamison
 Committee MemberRichard John
 Committee MemberSusan E. Karr, CAE
 Committee MemberThomas P. Keating
 Committee MemberPaul Keohane
 Committee MemberDaniel J. Kerber
 Committee MemberF. W. Knox
 Committee MemberJack Knox
 Committee MemberRobert W. Kuechenberg
 Committee MemberJoseph Lansdell
 Committee MemberRobert L. Lautenbach
 Committee MemberWalter A. Limbach
 Committee MemberJohn Lindemulder, Sr.
 Committee MemberJohn Lueken
 Committee MemberMichael F. Mamayek
 Committee MemberKim R. Martin
 Committee MemberJoseph Massaro
 Committee MemberBuddy L. Mawyer
 Committee MemberDavid M. McKenney
 Committee MemberJoe A. McKenzie
 Committee MemberErnest R. Menold, P.E.
 Committee MemberWayne W. Mertz
 Committee MemberRichard C. Mertz
 Committee MemberJames E. Morgan
 Committee MemberJames R. Myers
 Committee MemberRobert J. Newton
 Committee MemberDavid E. Norris
 Committee MemberRandy A. Novak
 Committee MemberRonald J. Palmerick
 Committee MemberAntonio Paris
 Committee MemberGerald T. Parks, Jr.
 Committee MemberDonald W. Partney, Jr.
 Committee MemberGlenn Parvin
 Committee MemberLawrence H. Plevy
 Committee MemberGlen S.J. Popowich
 Committee MemberGerald G. Ramsdell
 Committee MemberJohn D. Raught
 Committee MemberWalter M. 'Pete' Reckinger, III
 Committee MemberStephen R. Richards
 Committee MemberDonald R. Ricketts
 Committee MemberRichard Rivera
 Committee MemberJ. Robert Roach
 Committee MemberRon Rodgers
 Committee MemberDonald G. Romano
 Committee MemberJames E. Roth
 Committee MemberAlbert A. Sapio
 Committee MemberRaymond C. Schemanske
 Committee MemberThomas C. Schleifer, Ph.D.
 Committee MemberGary L. Schwenk
 Committee MemberArthur W. Scurlock
 Committee MemberRoy Seacor
 Committee MemberGarland Self, Jr.
 Committee MemberJohn E. Sickle, Jr.
 Committee MemberDwight D. Silvia
 Committee MemberAngela Simon
 Committee MemberKurt P. Smith
 Committee MemberJohn W. Sroka
 Committee MemberR. Dean Steward
 Committee MemberHoward Stine
 Committee MemberBruce J. Stockwell
 Committee MemberFrederick L. Streimer
 Committee MemberLawrence Sturgis
 Committee MemberBruce E. Sychuk
 Committee MemberThomas A. Szymczak
 Committee MemberMichael Tardif
 Committee MemberRobert E. Taylor
 Committee MemberMary Lou Taylor
 Committee MemberDana Thompson
 Committee MemberJoe Toso
 Committee MemberRobert Tuck
 Committee MemberJohn Unger
 Committee MemberRobert P. Vlick
 Committee MemberMark C. Watson
 Committee MemberGeorge L. Welsch
 Committee MemberKeith E. Wilson
 Committee MemberClaude C. Wilson
 Committee MemberRaymond Yeager
 Committee MemberKevin Yearout
 Committee MemberL. William Zahner
 Committee MemberRobert Zahner
 Staff LiaisonJason A. Watson
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