Committee Detail

Name and Mission
National Joint Adjustment Board

The National Joint Adjustment Board for the Sheet Metal Industry (NJAB) is comprised of representatives from SMACNA and SMART and is designed to promote, improve and maintain peaceful labor relations among employers, chapters and local unions through the settlement of locally unresolved grievances and contract renewal disputes. Strikes, lockouts and work stoppages are prohibited while NJAB procedures are ongoing.

Committee LeadershipYear Term Expires
 Co-ChairJason A. Watson
 Committee MemberJames M. Boone2023
 Committee MemberStephen J. Doonan2021
 Committee MemberThomas J. Gunning2022
 Committee MemberJohn Ilten2022
 Committee MemberAlbert LaBella2024
 Committee MemberJoseph Lansdell2022
 Committee MemberJames T. Strother, Jr., CAE2023
 Committee MemberKevin Yearout2024
 Legal CounselThomas R. Trachsel
 Staff LiaisonJoye Blanscett
Further Information
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