Committee Detail

Name and Mission
Board of Directors

Committee LeadershipYear Term Expires
 Committee MemberRandy Attaway2023
 Committee MemberKyle Bellmon2021
 Committee MemberSteven Benkovsky2022
 Committee MemberChad Bunting2022
 Committee MemberShasta L. Erickson2023
 Committee MemberWayne A. Greenwood2023
 Committee MemberJames E. Hall2021
 Committee MemberPaul Heimann2024
 Committee MemberBlair Hubber2023
 Committee MemberCarmen Koo2024
 Committee MemberJeff Link2024
 Committee MemberGary G. Luthe, Sr.2021
 Committee MemberThomas E. Martin2021
 Committee MemberDaniel Monahan2024
 Committee MemberRandy B. Pagel, Sr.2022
 Committee MemberJoseph Samia2022
 Committee MemberAaron Smith2022
 Committee MemberKen Wiesbrook2023
 Legal CounselDaniel R. Kelly
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